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Historic Victory as North Kildare Bowls Club Dominates ILB Championships

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North Kildare, 5th August 2023 — A remarkable display of skill, determination, and teamwork took centre stage as North Kildare Bowls Club emerged triumphant at the ILB Championships held at the illustrious Bray Bowling Club from 31st July to 5th August. This prestigious event witnessed four teams from North Kildare Bowls Club vying for glory, and they did not disappoint.

Singles Nassau Cup: Ron Burns Triumphs Over Crumlin In a gripping showdown, Ron Burns from North Kildare Bowls Club took on Crumlin's finest in the Singles Nassau Cup. The atmosphere was electric as every bowl rolled with precision and anticipation. Ron Burns showcased his exceptional talent and emerged victorious, securing the first of North Kildare's four triumphant victories.

Doubles Tyler Cup: Father and Son Duo Shine The Doubles Tyler Cup witnessed a heart-warming father-son partnership as Ron and Gregg Burns joined forces to create a dynamic team. Their exceptional chemistry and unrivalled synchronicity on the green were undeniable, propelling them to victory and adding another impressive win to North Kildare's tally.

Triples Bowling League of Ireland Cup: A Stellar Performance The North Kildare Bowls Club's team, comprised of Johann Taljaard, Pat Linnane, and Gerry Flynn, showcased their remarkable skills in the Triples Bowling League of Ireland Cup. Facing off against the formidable Crumlin team, they demonstrated unparalleled precision, teamwork, and strategy, leading to a resounding victory.

Fours Mecredy Cup: Unstoppable Unity Loreto Farrell, Brian Haslam, Pat Linnane, and Gerry Flynn united their strengths in the Fours Mecredy Cup, creating an unstoppable force on the green. Their unwavering determination and unparalleled coordination led to victory against the Blackrock team, further solidifying North Kildare's dominance.

Champion of Champions: Loreto Farrell Shines Adding to the club's triumphs, the talented Loreto Farrell emerged victorious in the Champion of Champions competition, cementing her status as a true bowler extraordinaire. Her exceptional achievement added to the club's already impressive list of accomplishments.

A Legacy of Success This historic tournament marked a defining moment in North Kildare Bowls Club's journey. With all four teams emerging victorious, the club secured an unprecedented clean sweep of trophies. A testament to their dedication, skill, and unyielding determination, this achievement is a source of immense pride for every member.

A Grateful Acknowledgement None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of North Kildare Bowls Club members and the invaluable backing of The North Kildare Sports Club. Their continuous encouragement and dedication have paved the way for the club's success on the national stage.

A Message from the Captain Pat Linnane, the Captain of North Kildare Bowls Club, expressed his pride and awe at the club's extraordinary achievements. "We have left an indelible mark in Irish Bowling Club history," he stated. "This momentous victory is a testament to the immense talent and belief within our team. We've achieved something truly remarkable."

Setting the Stage for Victory The North Kildare Bowls Club's meticulous planning was evident as they prepared for the championships. Recognizing the significance of the event being held at Bray Bowling Club, with a surface akin to their home green, they strategised and executed flawlessly.

Unprecedented Excellence A notable accolade of this remarkable season is the distinction of being the first club to secure victory in all four junior championships within the same year. North Kildare Bowls Club has indeed etched their name in the annals of history.

Celebrating Hospitality and Gratitude North Kildare Bowls Club extends heartfelt gratitude to all members of Bray Bowling Club for their warm hospitality and camaraderie throughout the championships. This collaborative spirit added to the vibrancy of the event, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion.

Acknowledgements Special thanks are extended to Sheila Kelly from Skerries, the Competition Secretary for the Irish Lawn Bowls. Her dedication and meticulous management ensured the smooth progression of the tournament, contributing to its resounding success.

In conclusion, North Kildare Bowls Club's triumph at the ILB Championships stands as a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and unyielding belief. Their journey from humble beginnings six years ago to this historic moment has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. With the last of their league matches yet to be played, the club's future is brighter than ever.

For more information about North Kildare Bowls Club please contact: Sandra Seery Phone: 086 242 8522 Website:

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